Obsessed With: Rituals True Happiness Gift Set

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Obsessed With: Rituals True Happiness Gift Set

£14.85 Available from Debenhams

To say my skin has been somewhat parched lately would be an understatement of colossal proportions: it's drier than dry and flakier than is forgiveable. Consequently, I've been smothering my skin in all manner of hefty balms, oils and lotions; in a bid to fight the flakes. Nothing seemed to be doing the trick, not at least until I entered my stash once more and dug out the Rituals True Happiness Gift Set

You can't go wrong with a little ol' gift set: I love getting the chance to trial run products before committing myself to the full size offering. Furthermore, they make lovely little gifts and the Rituals contribution is undoubtedly the nicest I've ever tried: the quality is impeccable and everything about it screams luxury: from the packaging, to the formulation and incredible scent.

While all of the products in the set are incredible, the two stand outs for me are  the Good Luck Scrub and Fortune Oil. The oil is ultra nourishing and not at all how I imagined a shower oil to be: none of that slippin' through ya digits business. It makes for the perfect razor accompaniment; achieving the closest shave I've ever managed, yet leaving my skin feeling comfortable and cared for.

As soon as I scooped the Good Luck Scrub from the sachet and on to the palm of my paw, I assumed it wouldn't be for me. it's pretty loose; the kind of scrub you imagine to immediately fall swiftly from your slippery torso and down the drain, but no, not this. It's abrasive enough to remove scales with ease, while remaining delicate enough to care for my intolerant skin. Additionally, it doesn't leave you with that 'orrible, oily residue. Yes!

The Rich, Nourishing Body Cream is, as the name would suggest, ultra rich and comforting. Plus, it sinks in to the skin almost instantly. The Foaming Shower Gel is my least favourite of the quad, though only due to my obsession for something a little more clarifying. 

The sweet orange and cedar wood scent is ideal for a pre-bed time pamper: it's unbelievably calming and always manages to settle me in to a state of drowsy relaxation. 

I'll definitely be trialling more from Rituals and I'll most definitely be purchasing the full sized versions of these. 

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I really rrally wanna buy stuff from Rituals >__< what you got looks so good!


Annabel :

This scent sounds gorgeous. Love the bright packaging too.

Belle ♥
Mascara & Maltesers


I love that line, the oil is amazing! x