Review: Clynol Wonder 10 Blow-Out Spray

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Review: Clynol Wonder 10 Blow-Out Spray

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By now, you'll presumably be aware of my well documented hair hardship. If however you're new here, my mane is the bane of my life; limper than lettuce and frizzier than is forgiveable. Thanks to my dreadful DNA, I'm perpetually on the look out for the perfect poofing product. When I heard about wonder product; Clynol Wonder 10 Blow-Out Spray* and it's bold claims, I couldn't wait to get my little maulers on it. 

Extremely reminiscent of the Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hairspray, this stuff claims to provide natural body and volume, de-tangle, protect against thermal damage, reduce blow dry time, turn up shine, turn down frizz and a whole host of other pleasing promises. Additionally, it's a fraction of the price of Bumble & Bumble' root boosting offering. 

There are few beauty routines I detest but blow drying my hair is definitely high on the list - a hatred that is now a thing of the past, thanks to this bad boy.. OK OK, I still don't relish in it but blow-dry time has dramatically decreased. Not only that, it also manages to take my motionless mop from flat to fat with no effort required. Add to this, built in heat defence and you're on to a winner. 

I spritz a good 6 or so pumps to the roots of my slightly damp, towel dried tresses and comb through to the ends, evenly distributing the product thoroughly throughout the hair. It's a heavy fisted girls dream; product over load is nigh-on impossible and I'm yet to be left with any gummy residue, though I do find it leaves my hair feeling somewhat thirsty and dehydrated. Nevertheless, nothing that can't be easily remedied with a slathering of serum. I invariably use the Clynol Wonder 10 Blow-Out Spray in conjunction with other smoothing products, making judgement on the de-tangling and frizz control element slightly iffy, although it definitely isn't my favoured frizz fighter. While I absolutely love the scent, it certainly won't be everyone' cup o' tea. It's a fairly clinical stench and smacks of alcohol.

For the money, I think Clynol' contribution to the barnet boosting, routine simplifying, strand shining game is almost perfect. A few minor niggles, but hardly worth the grumble.

Have you used the Clynol Wonder 10 Blow-Out Spray? What 'wonder' hair products do you love?




* This product was gifted to me by a PR company for consideration. Despite this my review remains 100% honest.


Lucinda Freya:

This sounds like heaven in a bottle! Anything that takes down frizz without making it sticky and flat is a miracle! x


It's so lovely, especially for the price! :) x